Fat Shaming

I focus on three things in my workshops: exercise, diet and play.  When I talk about the 'diet' piece I almost always have shown a series of slides from the CDC on the obesity crisis.  I'm always try to make the point that, in this Western world so full of sugar and food additives, some people just have extreme difficulty keeping their weight where they want it.  I've met lots of people who are working hard at exercise (some of them very hard) and are careful with what they eat (some of them very careful), and they still are classified as obese.

This article tackles the issue of 'fat shaming' - that, sad to say, even shows up in our Presidential politics.  It starts early, it affects women more than men, and people who are obese even 'fat shame' themselves. Hopefully the church community is a place to find forgiveness, and friendship and support.