Realign to the Design?

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No matter what you believe about how we got this way, medical science has done an amazing job of giving a more accurate and a much fuller picture of how our bodies function.  And we can use all the help we can get these days in doing a better job of taking good care of our bodies.  We think of it as good stewardship. We only get the one body - I'd like to keep it in the best shape possible for as long as I can. Certainly things happen that are out of our control but there is plenty of things we can do that make a big difference.

Our interest has focused around three things: Exercise, Diet and Play - and we have especially tracked how those three things dramatically affect our brain. When the brain is healthy, the rest of the body is in good shape too. We share information about all three in settings ranging from one-to-one conversations up to large group educational settings.

Our mission is to support, equip and encourage individuals on your journey to stronger health. A variety of options listed below can help you have a significant impact on your own health and on your church and community:

NeoLife Nutritional Supplements: This 60 year old company has been an innovator from the very beginning. The best carefully made products, based in nature and backed by cutting edge science. We've been using the products for 27 years and our extended family for a total of 42 years.  Everyone needs to fill the gaps in our nutritional intake.  Also a way for congregations to add an additional income stream for supporting local ministries.

Set your school apart - a workshop designed to bring school staff and leadership up to speed on the most current brain research on how dramatically exercise, diet and play can boost academic performance and reduce behavioral issues.

Energize your staff - a workshop designed to build cohesion and boost performance by boosting overall health and developing the staff as support group.  It includes a look at brain research about how to get and keep attention.

Recharge your congregation - For all church leaders; a workshop designed to build cohesion and sharpen the focus on engaging your community. Brain research on habits will help leaders get out of their thinking 'ruts', opening new possibilities for ministry.

Older Adults / Young Parents - Two groups who respond strongly to the message of exercise, diet and play - and giving God our best. MOPS, MDO, and whatever acronym your Older Adult group uses - schedule me for their monthly program.

Programs for Public School or Local Libraries.

“The workshop was fascinating and very helpful in evaluating not only how we live our lives and care for our bodies (and brains), but also how to intentionally plan education and worship experiences.”
— Pastor, East Wenatchee, WA