Diet Overview

One of the big three for what I'll blog about and present in my workshops: exercise, diet and play.  By "diet" I mean what we eat - not going on something short term to fix what's wrong with what we eat.

Like exercise, the impact of diet on academics and behavior is way more than we'd guess. If you saw the movie "Super Size Me" you may have caught a reference to a school in Appleton. Apple Central Alternative High School was involved in an experiment. Dramatic change, dramatic results.

Food affects behavior - for better or for worse.  But it also affects how our genes express themselves. And how our body is able to fight off disease and chronic illness. Much more to come.

For a quick look at how we are doing on the food front you can see a series of slides on the obesity rates for different groups from the CDC.

Read me first...

This blog will be (generally) a weekly blog to support the pilot project called Realign to the Design (RTD). RTD is an attempt to use regular gatherings of Pastors (and other full time church workers) as a support group for their overall health journey.  Different Denominations call them different things. My background is LCMS Lutheran and we call them monthly Circuit meetings - a regular gathering of Pastors in a geographically close area used for study, worship and fellowship.

The RTD pilot will include a kick-off workshop, this blog, monthly phone calls to add another layer of accountability, a Facebook page for peer to peer posting, and some kind of expression in the local congregation to bring the members on board as well.

This blog will include posts on the three main topics of the workshop - and of trying to stay healthy - exercise, diet and play. Plus whatever else looks helpful and interesting.  I'll try to respond to what I hear from the regular phone calls so the resources are what is being asked for.

Blessings on the journey. Contact me if you have questions.