Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Explain "Realign to the Design" for me.

  • You can check out the home page explanation. Life is better when we 'live inside God's design' - live the way God designed it. Scripture gives us a pretty good picture of that. Science is helping us understand more and more about how our bodies were designed to work. Sometimes that new information affirms what we are doing, sometimes it will challenge what we are doing.

2. What is your mission?

  •  To support, equip and encourage individuals for strong health; from healthy leaders, through healthy congregations into healthy communities.

3. How did you get interested in the brain?

  • Way back in1992, when we were starting Fitz Family Ministries, I came across an article that connected success with juggling and success with reading - in other words, take a struggling reader and teach them how to juggle and their reading skills go measurably and significantly up. That caused me to pay close attention to brain research over the years.

4. Do you only work with Lutheran Churches?

  • No, we'll work with any church or organization that is interested in learning about the brain and how that impacts our ability to do our best.

5. Do you work with Public Schools or Local Libraries?

  • We do. The content is suitable for a secular audience. If you can connect us to the right person for a staff in-service or a parent project, we'd be happy to work with them.

Header image based on “Exercise” by Framing the World, (CC by 2.0)