Energize Your Staff

Building your team is important. Available for Church staff or a combination Church/School staff.  This workshop will provide an opportunity for your staff to

  • grow in their relationships with each other;
  • grow in their interest and ability to care for their own health and well being;
  • grow in their ability to engage the learner or worshiper in ways maximize attention;
  • grow in their ability to get out of the ruts we all develop in our thinking and planning.

Best done in a half day retreat. Shorter times negotiable. Contact Mark for more info.


1. Increased knowledge of current brain research as it relates to health and wellness and good biblical stewardship, with personal, congregational and classroom application.

2. Improved understanding of the brain's reliance on an 'auto-pilot' system for making decisions and how to move out of auto-pilot with more purpose.

3. Improved planning for worship, service, outreach and education, taking advantage of current knowledge of the brain and current high interest in health and wellness issues to build stronger engagement by the students and the worshipers and stronger congregational connections to the community.

4. Increased understanding and sensitivity to ministry opportunities in the congregation and community focused on health and wellness.

5. Increased interest and energy for improving and maintaining personal health with options that are simple and effective.


Mark engaged our entire church and school staff in a fun, challenging and wonderfully enriching learning experience about the brain. His knowledge about how the brain functions has not only helped us to become more effective teachers, but has helped us to personally live healthier and richer lives. I can say that from the youngest student in our school to the oldest staff member of our church, we were impacted by Mark’s teaching which immediately was put into play.
— Pastor Ron Pennekamp, St Paul Lutheran, Lakeland, FL
Thanks again Mark for a very interesting and applicable presentation. Your interest and passion in this area of study came through and made your presentation powerful.
— Pastor Craig Bode, Trinity Lutheran, Fort Pierce, FL; Circuit Visitor.

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