Set Your School Apart.

The research is clear: Exercise, a healthy diet and play are three of the simplest and most powerful ways to: boost academic success and reduce behavioral issues in a school. Simple? Yes. Easy? No. Despite the mounting evidence, many schools are heading in the opposite direction and are reducing recess and P.E. time. 

This workshop will introduce you to the strong research on how dramatically exercise, diet and play can improve school performance.  There will be live examples and practical application on each area and the application will apply to teacher and administrator health and performance as well as student health and performance. Everyone wins!

Useful for Teacher In-Service events and for Parent workshops - parents are critical variables for success.

Time Frame: 90 minute minimum; three hours provides the best chance for success, allowing time to process current practices and plan for small and incremental changes.

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1. Increased knowledge of current brain research as it relates to health and wellness and good biblical stewardship, with personal, congregational and classroom application.

2. Improved planning for the classroom, taking advantage of current knowledge of the brain and current high interest in health and wellness issues to:

  • build stronger engagement by the students;
  • boost academic performance for all students;
  • mitigate behavioral problems in some students, with a corresponding boost in their academic performance.

3. Increased understanding and sensitivity to ministry opportunities in the congregation and community focused on health and wellness.

4. Increased interest and energy for improving and maintaining personal health with options that are simple and effective.


“I thought your Exercise/Diet/Play/Brain presentation was so well done that I skipped out on what I had picked to go to afterwards, just to hear your presentation on play. Well done, all around!”
— Mike Vasilie, Illinois Teacher

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