Older Adults - Young Parents.

Two groups that resonate the strongest to the workshops on brain research are Older Adults and Young Parents. I often lead workshops for these groups in their regular meetings at church - M.O.P.S, Mother's Day Out, and various Older Adult groups that go by various acronyms.

The material is applicable to all ages but there are particular points to make at each end of the age spectrum that can best be made when speaking to the group directly. And both groups are happy to explore ways to boost their faith response into how they care for themselves and their families.

Parents of young children resonate to the information on "Play" as their children are going through the key phase of early childhood when play is crucial.  They wonder about the balance of electronic and physical play, so it connects well to the "Exercise" piece. And the challenge of eating a healthy diet in a fast paced family's life appears daunting.  Any help is welcome.

Older adults are always interested in practical help on staying healthy and strong late in life, and anything that might forestall chronic disease, particularly Alzheimer's disease. And many of them are actively engaged in helping raise their grandchildren and so the same issues as those for young parents resonate as well.

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