Nutrition and NeoLife

For the best short introduction to NeoLife check out the web health talk.

Our Story:  We have first hand experience with the importance of nutrition. Mark's wife Becky has a long history of battling cancer, starting with two rounds of Hodgkin's Disease in 1992 and 1996. She received all three of the typical treatments for cancer: surgery, radiation and chemo therapy.  Twenty years later she joined the growing group of people with treatment side effects and developed chronic heart failure (her heart functions at about 25% capacity) and experienced a third round of cancer (Follicular Lymphoma, a 'side effect' cancer) which required more radiation. We have taken NeoLife nutritionals since the first round of cancer back in 1992.  Survival rate for cancer patients is about 75% alive after the first five years. That number drops to only about 15% alive after twenty years and Becky is thriving after almost 25 years.  We have followed the medical pros' advice and she is taking some meds but we credit the nutritional boost from NeoLife as a major factor in her ability to stay strong.

Nutrition is one of the three key pieces addressed in all the workshops I do. We are designed to eat well. What we eat makes a difference. Good things happen when we do. Bad things happen when we don't.

We all want to do the best we can.  The challenge we all face is getting proper nutrition from our current food supply system:

  1. Varieties raised for transport and shelf life rather than taste and nutrition;
  2. Production methods with synthetic fertilizers and weed killers;
  3. Distance from source which means nutrients left behind in the soil and lost over time in transport;
  4. Processing and packaging, and more...

Our current "health care system" is really a "disease management system" with ever increasing problems with chronic disease - many of which are preventable. Our strong encouragement is to give our bodies the best so we can God our best. We are convinced that for nutrition it means supplementation.  Our bodies can do an amazing job of staying healthy when we realign to the design. When chronic disease or accidents compromise health in a major way, it is even more important to provide the best nutrition possible.

Contact us for more info. We'd welcome a conversation with you. No high pressure; just sharing our story and answering your questions. We know what it has done for us, and many others. Check out the web health talk for some more detailed info about NeoLife including some incredible testimonies.

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