All the major health trends are still going in the wrong direction - but there is a growing movement for major change.  And what better place to be involved in that movement than the church.  Stewardship of our bodies and giving God our best fits perfectly into our response to the amazing love of God. What if there was a way to encourage healthier living and raise ministry dollars at the same time?

Looking for innovators and early adopters.  A profoundly simple way to positively impact the health of your members and raise significant dollars at the same time.

This will sound very familiar to Lutherans:

  • Mainstream products from a trusted company.
  • Stewardship of our resources/ourselves as the broad umbrella.
  • An agent makes a living selling the product locally in the congregations and they ‘service’ the people who purchase the products.
  • The money the company earns by selling the product pays for the services they provide and there is a return to the 'members'.
  • People choose to buy or not based on the agent and their own personal need.
  • No time limits or quotas for the congregation to fill - small number of ‘members’ or large.
  • Pastor not involved in the process - but they may be a user of the products.
  • Seminars put on by the trusted company on generally related stewardship subjects, with an opportunity to hear more from the company at the end for those who are interested.

Lutherans will know the names of a few companies over the years who are described above; they are fraternal benefit societies.

NeoLife provides many of those same things. 60 year old company, working in 50 countries around the world. We've used the products for 25 years. There are two significant differences:

With NeoLife:

  1. The congregation receives all the income from the sales directly associated with their 'downline'.
  2. Anyone can be involved in sharing the product, not just an 'agent'.

Imagine a regular boost of income ear-marked for health related ministries in the congregation and community, or wherever you want to direct it.

Contact Mark Schoepp for more information.

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